Man Overcomes Cerebral Palsy; Teams Up With Father In Triathlons

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Johnny Agar always wanted to be an athlete. As the son of a former Detroit Tigers prospect, Agar has always been drawn to sports. The 18-year-old has ambitions to be a sportscaster someday but he’s never had realistic aspirations of playing professional sports; Agar has cerebral palsy.

Born prematurely, doctors discovered bleeding on Agar’s brain soon after he was born. As a result, the infant developed cerebral palsy and suffers muscular problems to this day. He hasn’t let his physical limitations put a damper on his personality; however, as the articulate young man typically wears a smile on his face. Agar and his father, Jeff, have had even more to smile about since they discovered My Team Triumph.

My Team Triumph gives disabled people an opportunity to compete in endurance events. After learning of the program, Agar and his dad formed a team and began training together. Soon, they were competing in triathlons.

The elder Agar pulls and pushes his son through the swimming, bicycling and running portions of the race. The younger Agar cheers his father on and keeps his spirits high. The pair forms a magnificent team, each leveraging their unique strengths to help the other. The Agars show that creative solutions can sometimes get around the sizable challenges that people with cerebral palsy face.

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Source:, “Father-son team overcome cerebral palsy,” Jack Doles, May 11, 2012


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