Man sues after circumcision procedure goes unimaginably wrong

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An adult male decided that he wanted to be circumcised, so he met with his doctor and set up a relatively minor surgery. When he awoke from anesthesia in a recovery room he must have thought he was still dreaming and having the nightmare of all nightmares.

Rather than performing a routine circumcision, the surgeon amputated the patient’s penis.

Not surprisingly, the man and his wife are suing a hospital, urology clinic and two doctors for the wrongful amputation. The hospital stated that it will defend against the lawsuit.

If we assume the victim’s allegations are true, the conduct is outrageous. He says that physicians still haven’t given him a reason for amputating his penis. His doctor did not state that amputation was a surgical risk, he claims.

While this medical malpractice lawsuit seems like there might be more to the story than what has been divulged to the media so far, it describes how a miscommunication between the doctor and patient, or among hospital staff members, can have an unimaginably horrible effect.

If you are undergoing surgery, you should have a detailed discussion of the procedure with your doctor beforehand. The day of the surgery, hospital staff should go over details with you, confirming what part of your body they are operating on and what procedure will be performed.

Source: NY Daily News, “Alabama Man Had Penis Mistakenly Amputated During Circumcision: Lawsuit,” July 24, 2014


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