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Man’s Success Demonstrates Value Of Cerebral Palsy Resources


As a youngster, Demetrio McNeil was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. McNeil uses a walker and wheelchair to move around, but cerebral palsy hasn’t put a damper on his ambition. He has overcome sizable obstacles and – if all goes well – he will soon receive his degree in medical billing.

McNeil’s success story wouldn’t have happened without his remarkable sense of self-motivation; however, his achievements are also a testament to the resources made available to him.

McNeil lives at the Wallbrown Home in Boiling Spring Lakes, North Carolina. The Wallbrown Home is a special program for children with physical or mental abilities. The program emphasizes each child’s unique abilities and helps them develop them.

Disability programs like Wallbrown are important places for disabled children to grow and develop, however, such programs can be extremely expensive and won’t necessarily be funded by the state.

When a child becomes disabled from an avoidable birth injury, it’s important for the family to explore their legal options. A birth injury lawsuit may allow the victim to recover financial compensation that will pay for the special resources needed to help him or her achieve the best possible outlook – like McNeil.

To explore your legal options, contact an established Ohio injury law firm today.

Source: Star News Online, “Home, Resources, Drive Help Man With Cerebral Palsy,” Jan Hartlaub, May 29, 2012

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