Mother files lawsuit for baby’s brain damage caused by hypoxia

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Blake Hutchins suffers daily from developmental problems. The 3-year-old’s speech and cognitive function lag behind that of normal children, but his mother only recently learned that his impairments are attributed to medical malpractice committed by the hospital.

You might imagine the horrified surprise that washed over Sarah Hutchins, 37, when a doctor disclosed hospital records to her evidencing the hospital’s negligence in reacting to her son’s symptoms of fetal distress roughly three years ago.

Late in her pregnancy, Hutchins became concerned after her baby stopped moving in her womb. She visited the hospital and a physician’s examination revealed that her baby was suffering from fetal distress; however, the hospital didn’t take urgent action. The sluggish response caused the child to suffer prolonged hypoxia, or oxygen deprivation, which resulted in brain damage.

Hutchins only learned of this after recently consulting an independent doctor. Apparently, the birthing hospital documented the mistake but never shared the report with the mother. Hutchins has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and doctor for the harm resulting to her son.

Pregnancy complications happen, but hospital staff is supposed to be properly trained and supervised in detecting such issues and taking appropriate actions. When the hospital fails to competently handle pregnancy complications the victim’s family may hold the wrongdoers legally accountable. If you or your infant has been harmed by medical negligence, contact an experienced Ohio birth injury lawyer to explore your legal recourse.

Source: London Evening Standard, “Mother sues hospital over error ‘that left son brain damaged,'” Sophie Goodchild, March 26, 2012


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