Mother Wins £7.1 Million On Behalf Of Son With Cerebral Palsy, Pt.1

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A British mother’s recent multi-million pound victory against a large hospital is an inspirational example of how justice can come out of a hard-fought fight. This mother spent more than 12 years litigating this case on her son’s behalf – her £7.1 million verdict will help provide for a lifetime of care.

This case provides a look at two angles of many birth injury cases. The background facts illustrate a common cerebral palsy scenario: incompetent midwives failed to respond a developing complication. Their actions left a newborn disabled. This post will look more at these facts. Check back later for more about the legal fight between this mother and the hospital. 

Expecting her first child, the boy’s mother enjoyed an uneventful and complication-free pregnancy right up until the delivery. During the delivery, however, hospital midwives did not notice that the infant was becoming entangled in the umbilical cord – a relatively common complication. The midwives ignored this problem for 20 minutes as the cord tightened around the baby’s shoulder, cutting off oxygen and causing permanent damage.

From the child’s first moments outside of the womb, his mother knew something was wrong. Doctors could not get the infant to breathe on his own for nearly an hour. In the mother’s words, “if they had done their job properly we would have [had a] normal and healthy child” – instead, their son will face a lifetime of obstacles and challenges resulting from cerebral palsy.

Source: The Telegraph, “Boy awarded £7m over hospital errors at birth,” Jan. 10, 2013


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