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Motorcyclists must watch out for drunk drivers over the holidays


The holidays are here and that means a lot of people are going to head out to parties and drink. For motorcyclists, the issue of drinking and driving is especially harrowing since these accidents can be deadly or involve very serious injuries.

The drunk driving problem isn’t limited only to people who drive cars and trucks. In fact, 29 percent of motorcyclists who were involved in fatal accidents in 2014 had a blood alcohol concentration level at or above .08 percent. Car and passenger truck drivers in fatal accidents had a BAC of .08 percent or above in 22 percent of the cases.

Staying away from drunk drivers isn’t always possible, but there are some signs that you might notice that indicate you should try to stay as far away from a vehicle as possible. If possible, stay away from the vehicle, pull over and call 911 to report the problem.

One sign of a drunk driver is swerving. This could be running off the road and jerking back on. It could also be drifting between lanes. The driver might make sharp corrections to get back into their lane or he or she might do this very slowly.

Drivers who are intoxicated will often drive too slow or too fast for the road conditions. They might also drive in a manner that is inconsistent with their signals, such as signaling to turn right when they are turning left.

Drunk drivers might also tailgate other vehicles. They might not obey traffic signals and laws. This type of erratic driving can make it very difficult for other drivers to know what the drunk driver is going to do. These are also actions that can lead to drunk driving accidents, which can lead to injuries or death.

For the people who are involved in drunk driving accidents, seeking compensation is something they might decide to do. Including the fact that the driver was drunk can often help a claim for compensation. It is important to look at all of the facts about the accident so that you can prepare your claim accordingly.

Source: Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, “How to Spot a Drunk Driver,” accessed Nov. 23, 2016

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