#nikeletter: Nike’s Uplifting Cerebral Palsy Request, Part 1

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As many Ohio parents know, life with cerebral palsy is often filled with difficult obstacles. Physical impairments can turn even everyday tasks into frustrating challenges. For one young boy with cerebral palsy, a heartfelt request for help with one of the most basic of everyday activities turned into a national sensation and a custom pair of Nikes.

This boy wrote a letter to Nike last summer, explaining that cerebral palsy prevented him from tying his own shoes and requesting a pair of more accessible shoes.

Like many cerebral palsy sufferers, this boy was born two months premature and oxygen starvation left him with severe physical impairments. He requires forearm crutches and a wheelchair to get around and he has limited use of one of his hands. As an avid sports fan, he works hard to exercise and have fun despite cerebral palsy.

However, the disorder still has a pervasive affect on his life. After spending a day swimming with friends, the boy could not put his shoes back on by himself. Instead, his friends tied his shoes while the boy endured humiliating stares from nearby onlookers.

That experience finally pushed him to draft a letter to Nike’s CEO, asking for a pair of custom shoes. The response to his letter surpassed any expectations.

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Source: Forbes, “Dear Nike: I Can’t Tie My Shoes,” Mark Fidelman, Dec. 4, 2012


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