#nikeletter: Nike’s Uplifting Cerebral Palsy Request, Part 2

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Our last post introduced the story of a young man with cerebral palsy. After years of struggling with the everyday obstacles that affect cerebral palsy sufferers in Ohio and throughout the country, this boy wrote a letter to Nike. His letter explained the frustration of being unable to tie his own shoes and asked the company’s CEO for a custom pair of Nikes.

While many victims of unnecessary birthing injuries must face the challenges of conditions like cerebral palsy with little assistance, this young man received an amazing and encouraging response to his request for help.

After the boy posted his letter to Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #nikeletter, the story took off. Other social media participants turned that hashtag into a high-profile trend that caught the attention of a shoe industry commentator. That commentator in turn propelled the story higher in the ranks of social media fame.

The commentator then dispatched a tweet offering to turn each retweet into a hard-copy postcard to Nike on the boy’s behalf. At the end of this campaign, Nike received a “truckload” of postcards.

In response, the company contacted the boy and put him in touch with a Nike shoe designer. Several months later, he received a box of custom Nikes – designed specifically to allow him to put them despite his hand impairment.

This story is an inspiring example of an uplifting response to the challenges of cerebral palsy. But for every story like this, many others exist of patients who must face the difficulties of this disorder without community help. Those patients will require life-long care in many cases, with extensive medical costs – an experienced Ohio birth injury lawyer can help these patients and their families secure the compensation they need to plan for the future.

Source: Forbes, “Dear Nike: I Can’t Tie My Shoes,” Mark Fidelman, Dec. 4, 2012


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