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Nursing error results in inadvertent amputation of baby’s finger


Veronica Olguin just wished she would awake from her nightmare, but, sadly, she wasn’t dreaming. The mother watched in horror as a nurse accidentally cut her 3-month-old’s pinky finger off. The severed pinky fell to the floor, blood started gushing and the infant, Selena, began screaming – as did the nurse.

Olguin’s baby should have been minutes away from an uneventful hospital discharge. The child’s fever had left and mother was happy to be bringing her daughter back home. The nurse attempted to cut the baby’s intravenous (IV) tube, but cut into the infant’s hand. It was a devastating nursing error that will make a lifelong impact on young Selena.

Doctors were unable to reattach Selena’s finger because – as an infant – her nerves were too fragile. She will live the rest of her life without a pinky and deal with decreased functionality. Yet – perhaps more devastating – she must deal with the psychological impact of a disfigured hand.

Expectedly, Olguin and her family have filed a medical malpractice against the nurse and the hospital for professional negligence. Nurses are highly trained professionals. Negligent errors – such as the accident amputation of Selena’s pinky – are often the result of inadequate training and supervision. If the nurse had used the proper technique, then the scissors should have cut nothing but air had the nurse messed up.

Birth injuries and medical malpractice involving infants is particularly dangerous because of the weak and fragile nature of the patient. If your child has been the victim of a nursing error, contact an experienced Ohio medical malpractice lawyer to explore your legal options.

Source: Orlando Sentinel, “Polk mom’s lawsuit: Nurse cut off baby’s pinky,” Ray Reyes, March 27, 2012

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