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Ohio car accidents and distracted driving among youths


Ohio car accidents can lead to injury, death and property damage. Regardless of the cause of an accident, it should be taken seriously by all parties involved.

When it comes to younger drivers, distracted driving has become a major problem. This is true in the state of Ohio, as well as every other region in the country. With the use of technology increasing day after day, the chance of this problem growing is very real.

According to the United States Department of Labor, young workers are often more likely to drive while distracted. The department added the following:

“Additionally, cell phone usage, particularly texting, is common among youth who use this method of communication often. Driving and texting impairs us all, regardless of age, by diminishing our focus. Youth have an increased risk of danger due to the increased exposure to this hazard.”

The United States Department of Labor backed up this claim with a variety of statistics, such as:

  • Crash rates among younger drivers are high. For example, the fatal crash rate per mile among those in the 16 to 19 age group is roughly three times higher than those aged 20 or older.
  • Sixteen percent of distracted driving-related accidents involve at least one driver under the age of 20.

Distracted driving is dangerous regardless of the age of the person. Despite the risks, some drivers, particularly those in the younger age groups, continue to drive while distracted. When a person is injured by a distracted driver, he or she may decide to learn more about their legal rights.

Source: United States Department of Labor, “Distracted Driving and Young Workers” Oct. 30, 2014

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