Ohio State University Declares "Oval" An Exclusive Walk Zone

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Ohio State University officials have decided to make the Oval a “walk only” zone. The decision comes after a wave of serious accidents occurring during the 2012-13 school year. In response, OSU formed a task force to study the collisions. After assessing the danger, the task force recommended changing the Oval to a pedestrian-only zone and university officials approved the measure.

The Oval has long been frequented by bicyclists and skateboarders, but students will have to ditch their wheels or risk being cited by the police. Like many safety measures, the change isn’t popular with everyone.

“I don’t think it’s fair,” said student Emily Lebsock. “It’s how people get to class. I’ve never been run over by a bike or skateboard of [sic] anything.”

There are three students who probably favor the change: the 18-year-old pedestrian that was hit by a car, the 21-year-old that was run over by a bicyclist and the 18-year-old that was hit by a dump truck while riding a bicycle.

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Source: CantonRep.com, “Ohio State To Ban Bikes, Skateboards On Oval,” March 28, 2013


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