Ohio surgeon arrested on fraud charges for unnecessary surgeries

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The Federal Bureau of Investigations arrested a well-known Cincinnati, Ohio, spinal surgeon on July 22 on charges of Medicare and other health care program fraud. The surgeon, who also has offices in Kentucky, is accused of performing unnecessary neck and back surgeries.

During the arrest of the surgeon, federal agents also seized several boxes of records from his practice. The surgeon not only faces criminal charges, but there have been more than 160 lawsuits filed against him, all seeking compensation for medical malpractice. Many claim they are suffering far worse than they did before they had the surgeries. Some of the people who have filed lawsuits have had as many as seven surgeries.

The surgeon appeared in front of a judge on the same day he was arrested. The judge ordered him released on his own recognizance. She also ordered the surgeon to inform any of his patients with upcoming appointments of the charges against him — in writing. His attorney told the judge that doing so would be “a death sentence to his practice.”

The surgeon is also not allowed to travel outside of specific regional districts in Ohio and Kentucky and he had to give up his passport to the court.

The surgeon faces up to 25 years in prison on the two counts.

His attorney said he will defend his client “vigorously” against the charges. He also said the doctor has been practicing in the area since 1999 and has not paid out anything in any malpractice case. The attorney also maintained the doctor has never had a complaint of a serious nature by any employee or hospital.

One of his patients, though, says she can’t drive, do work around her home or take care of her two-year-old little girl after he operated on her back and neck. Her two surgeries cost $135,000.

If you or a loved one have suffered due to surgical errors or medical negligence, contact an Ohio personal injury attorney as soon as possible. You have options for collecting financial compensation and your attorney can advise you of those options and rights. You don’t have to suffer in silence.

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