Ohio Youth Head-Injury Bill Passed By House, Now Before Senate

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The Ohio House of Representatives recently voted in favor of a bill aimed at preventing Ohio youths from the devastating effects of head injuries. The legislation would protect young Ohio athletes from participating in sports if they exhibit concussion symptoms. The bill is important, because it would prevent a statewide standard for addressing brain injuries in youth athletics.

In addition to sidelining children suffering from brain injury symptoms, the potential law would:

  • Require youth sports coaches to enroll in an online course that provides education regarding brain injuries
  • Require parents to read information about brain injuries
  • Allow a broader scope of health care providers to “okay” a youth patient’s return to athletics following a head injury

The Ohio High School Athletic Association already has guidelines for head injuries in high school sports, so the new requirements would have the biggest impact in middle schools and elementary schools, as well as sports unaffiliated with schools, such as soccer clubs and basketball leagues.

The nonpartisan bill is expected to clear the Ohio Senate. After its passage, its success will be largely determined by coaches, parents and athletic directors.

If your child has suffered a head injury due to the negligence of another person or a hospital, contact an experienced Ohio traumatic brain injury lawyer to explore your legal options.

Source: AM870, The Answer, “Bill On Youth Sports Injuries Clears Ohio House,” June 13, 2012


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