Parents Win Case Against Inexperienced Midwives

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The parents of a Midwestern woman recently received a $100 million verdict in their wrongful death case against one midwife, the woman’s husband, and others involved in her botched home birth. This case is a sad example of how important it is to choose a careful and experienced midwife to assist with home births.

Due to the woman’s husband’s religious beliefs, the couple tried to have a natural birth in their home without the aid of modern medicine. The baby was in breech position, however, resulting in numerous and ultimately fatal birthing complications. The midwife was unable to deliver the baby and it suffocated after a week of labor. The mother died a month later after developing severe infections.

While all deliveries require midwives and other professionals to work extremely carefully, breech births are even more dangerous. It only takes a small mistake on the part of a midwife for a child or the mother to suffer serious and potentially lifelong injuries.

When a midwife lacks the experience to respond to unexpected birthing complications, they often cause tragic cases like this one. This jury verdict is a sad reminder that it is important to hire an experienced midwife to perform a home birth.

Source: Fox 4 News, “Jury Awards Over $100M to Parents of Misty Horner in Wrongful Death Suit,” Jason M. Vaughn and Tess Koppelman, Dec. 21, 2012


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