Policies to protect children from brain injuries are debatable

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Brain injuries in children can have lifelong effects on almost every facet of life. It wasn’t until some of the recent neuroscience advancements that the full effects of brain injuries were known. With that information being presented to the public, more and more people are calling for new policies that help to protect children who are playing sports.

While it is important to protect the children, it is also important to respect the fact that children still need to be children. The calls for new policies are putting lawmakers in an interesting position because they have to decide how to balance individual choice and safety.

There are several different options that lawmakers have to try to keep the children safe while they play sports. Prohibiting contact during practices and setting mandates for equipment are two that might keep the right of choice in place. Banning contact sports is an option, but that would take away the right of personal choice. Putting limits on how soon kids can jump back into sports after a head injury is possible, but that might not work for all cases because of the varying degrees of injury that are possible.

Protecting the children is a wonderful idea; however, there is still a chance that a child will suffer from a brain injury. Everyday activities like riding a bike or walking on a sidewalk can lead to falls that cause head injuries. If a child suffers from a brain injury because of a person’s negligence, seeking compensation is possible.

Source: The Federalist, “Brain Injuries Are About To Change Sports Forever,” Nicole Fisher, Dec. 14, 2015


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