Pregnant women should be careful after a car accident

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You’ve done everything that you could think of to keep your unborn baby safe during your pregnancy. Being involved in a traffic accident is one thing that you can’t plan for when you are pregnant, but wearing your seat belt can help you to stay as safe as possible. Still, there are some things that you need to think about after the accident that a woman who isn’t pregnant wouldn’t have to think about.

First, you should seek medical care even if you don’t think that you were injured. Your uterus provides some protection for your baby, but it can’t prevent all injuries from occurring. Your health care provider might choose to do an ultrasound to check on the baby. Depending on how far along you are, there is a chance that you might have to be monitored for signs of fetal distress or signs of an impending labor.

Second, you will need to monitor yourself if you are allowed to go home. Abdominal pain, your water breaking, or not feeling the baby move like usual if you already felt fetal kicks before the accident are signs that you should contact your doctor.

Some accidents can lead to life-threatening injuries. The jolt of a car accident can lead to placental abruption. This occurs when the placenta is detached from the uterus. It can lead to the death of the mother, the baby or both.

If you suffer injuries when you are in a car accident, you might opt to seek compensation for the injuries. While this won’t take away your worry about your unborn baby or the effects the crash has on you and the baby, it can help you to ensure you are able to afford the medical care you need and are compensated for any wages you didn’t get a chance to earn because of the injury.

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