Rural Hospitals Have Higher Patient-Mortality Rates, Study Says

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A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that patients in rural hospitals have higher patient-death rates than those in metro and suburban areas. The rural patient-mortality rate is 13.3 percent while hospitals in denser areas have a 11.4 percent death rate.

Perhaps more concerning, urban hospitals have collectively decreased their fatality rates over recent years, while remote hospitals have experienced increased mortality rates.

“This carved-out group of hospitals seems to be falling further and further behind,” said Dr. Karen Joynt, lead author of the medical study.

This study is especially discouraging for people in Ohio, where many rely on rural hospitals. While the study doesn’t tell the story for every rural Ohio hospital, it indicates a trend of medical malpractice that patients should be aware of.

If you believe your loved one may have suffered a wrongful death from medical malpractice, contact an experienced Ohio attorney to discuss your options.

Source:, “Study Says Death Rates Worse At Rural Hospitals,” April 7, 2013


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