Safely sharing Ohio roads with large and heavy trucks

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Encountering a large tractor-trailer while driving can make even the most confident motorist squirm a little. These trucks are massive and can dwarf other vehicles. It is safe to assume that most drivers in Ohio share a common goal of avoiding truck accidents involving semis, but as most people know, they can happen anyway. Please continue reading if you are interested in a few tips on how to share the road with these vehicles in as safe a manner as possible.

Watch for wind gusts: Those high and heavy tractor-trailers can causes wind to gust as they move. Keep your hands on the steering wheel and control your vehicle as trucks pass you by.

Slow your roll: For some, the instinct is to speed up as trucks are passing. A better approach is to slow down a little and stay to the right until the truck has moved away from you.

Stay back: If you are stopping behind a truck on an incline, it is wise to leave some space between you and the truck. This way, if the truck rolls back a little after its driver releases the brake, you have lots of room between you.

Allow for lane changes: Truck drivers typically signal other motorists when they need to change lanes. Keep your eyes open for a signal and give the driver plenty of space. Most trucks need at least an eight second gap to safely change lanes at highway speeds.

Truck drivers are just like you! They want to avoid truck accidents and arrive safely at their destinations. However, if a truck accident does occur, you can find out about your legal options by talking with a personal injury lawyer.

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