Settlement for professional football Ohio brain injuries

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Suffering from concussions is something that is common for football players. Some of these players are now realizing that there are lasting health consequences to those repeated concussions suffered while playing professional football. Ohio readers might be interested to learn about the recent development in the class action lawsuit filed against the National Football League.

The lawsuit was filed by more than 4,500 former NFL players. Some of these men have accused the NFL of fraud because of the way it handled player concussions. The concern now is that these players might suffer from neurological conditions like Parkinson’s disease because of those concussions.

Medical care can be expensive for these types of conditions. For that reason, the judge presiding over the case had rejected a previous settlement that had a cap of $675 million for player compensation. Under a revised settlement, the cap has been removed. The NFL will start out with a fund of $675 million for player compensation.

The settlement is set to last 65 years to give eligible players the chance to be compensated if necessary. The settlement includes a structured payout plan that takes the diagnosis and player’s age at the time of diagnosis into account.

The next court date, the fairness hearing, is set for Nov. 19. At this time, players can voice objections or opt out of the settlement.

Anyone who has suffered a brain injury because of someone’s negligence has the right to seek compensation for that Ohio brain injury. Understanding the legal system and procedures for seeking compensation might help to alleviate some of the stress associated with the process.

Source: Source: Morning Journal, “Judge approves NFL concussion settlement,” No author given, July 8, 2014


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