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Simple injection leads to life-threatening infection

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Many people rely on injections to give them medicine, therapy or anesthesia. Patients should be warned about the small risk of infection, so they can seek immediate medical help should the symptoms of infection manifest.

It is terrifying to think that a patient may visit a hospital with obvious signs of a post-injection infection and still be sent away.

This recently happened to a 52-year-old man. He survived, but now lives partially disabled and with chronic pain.

That patient recently recovered a $2.3 million jury award, but the money won’t fully offset his pain, suffering and altered lifestyle.

The victim is a former construction worker who cannot perform the same work he did before doctors failed to diagnose his bacterial infection. The missed diagnosis allowed the infection to destroy his hip; he now has an artificial implant.

This medical malpractice case is so troubling because it seems there is nothing more the patient could do. He needed help and presented himself to physicians. They ran tests but somehow missed the telltale warnings of the infection.

Source:, “Nyack Hospital Patient Wins $2.3M Lawsuit,” Jorge Fitz-Gibbon, Aug. 4, 2014

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