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Soccer And Concussions: New Lawsuit Highlights Dangers


In news that will fail to surprise many Ohio parents, a soccer player recently filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit after sustaining serious brain injuries. Soccer can be a very dangerous sport, in large part because of the fast pace and lack of protective headgear. When players collide, devastating traumatic brain injuries can easily result.

The player’s lawsuit alleges that his professional team’s medical staff prematurely cleared him to start playing again after he suffered a concussion in 2009. Based on the soccer club’s medical determination, the athlete played at another soccer game just three days after the injury. As a result of the injuries and alleged mistaken diagnosis, the player had to retire, cutting short his career.

In his lawsuit, he claims that the brain injury left him with several impairments, including memory loss, sensory problems, and cognitive deficiencies. He also allegedly suffers from severe headaches, hypersensitivity to motion, and disturbed sleep. All of these symptoms are common in brain injury cases.

Brain injuries in athletics are attracting more attention as parents become aware of these serious risks. Concussions can occur just as easily at a high school soccer game as in a professional one and misdiagnoses can be just as dangerous. If school medical staff fail to recognize the symptoms of a concussion and send a teenage player back into the game, they may be doing lifelong damage.

Athletic injuries cannot be just part of the game anymore. Parents who are concerned about a school’s failure to diagnose a brain injury should contact an experienced Ohio attorney.

Source: The Washington Post, “Bryan Namoff files $12 million lawsuit against D.C. United, claiming medical negligence involving career-ending concussion in 2009 MLS match,” Steven Goff, Aug. 29, 2012

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