Spinal Cord Trauma Study Provides Hope For Accident Victims

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A new medical study appears to have made progress in understanding tissue damage following an acute spinal cord injury. Scientists used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study damage patterns in the months following the spinal trauma. They discovered that irreversible tissue loss occurred in the spinal cord within 40 days of the accident, a finding that rebuts the common belief that it took years for spinal injury victims’ tissue to show physical evidence of the injury.

Immediately after severe trauma to the spine, the victim may experience serious problems such as paralysis and neurological dysfunction, but now physicians know that they can study the physiological tissue damage within 40 days after the accident. The study also revealed that patients who show greater tissue loss above the injury site – and closer to the brain – have worse medical outcomes than those with less evidence of trauma in their MRI.

While this study helps with our understanding of spinal cord injuries, it doesn’t necessarily mean new treatment options will soon become available for patients. Injury victims face a long, painful and expensive road to improving and adjusting to life with limited mobility, but hope is an important part of a patient’s ability to surpass expectations.

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Source: Science Daily, “Irreversible Tissue Loss Seen Within 40 Days Of Spinal Cord Injury,” July 2, 2013


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