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Spine surgeon faces lawsuits in medical malpractice case


A medical mistake can lead to life-long consequences or death. Permanent injuries and pain and suffering is often the case when a person suffers from surgical errors or other medical errors. If you’ve been injured due to a doctor’s errors, it’s important that you look into your rights.

Reports from Jan. 13 said that closing arguments are expected to be given in the first trial of a number of lawsuits to do with a spinal surgeon from Mason. According to the news, the doctor won’t be in the court, though, because he fled the country in 2013; a warrant has been issued for his arrest by the U.S. Attorney’s Office. According to the news, over 170 patients have sued the man in Butler county and Hamilton county courts. They believe that the surgeon completed operations that were unnecessary, and even then, he messed some of those surgeries up.

According to the story, many patients who sued the doctor have also sued UC Health’s West Chester Hospital as well as the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The surgeon has at least 36-counts against him from a previous indictment from August 2013. However, the man will face trials all the way through 2015, according to the news reports. The surgeon has had his medical license revoked in Ohio and Kentucky.

It might seem unusual that the doctor fled the country, but he will still face the charges against him. If you’ve been injured by a doctor who doesn’t want to take responsibility for his or her actions, it’s important to look into your options. You may be able to seek help that can prevent the same injuries from happening to someone else.

Source: Mason Buzz, “Mason spine surgeon faces legal tangle” Sue Kiesewetter, Jan. 13, 2014

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