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State highway worker hit by truck


A 19-year-old man who just graduated from high school was recently hit by a 2008 Dodge flatbed tow truck as he worked for the Ohio Department of Transportation in a construction area locate on state Route 534. Like many other Ohio truck accidents, distracted driving was involved. Investigators said the 37-year-old male truck driver had been looking down at a portable electronic tablet at the time of the accident.

The injured man was a 2013 graduate of McDonald High School and was working as a flagger near the highway construction when the truck hit him. While in high school, he was an active athlete, running in track meets and playing football. Criminal charges against the truck driver are under consideration, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

After the accident, the injured highway worker was rushed by helicopter to a medical facility for treatment. Among the reported injuries were a torn aorta, a torn ACL, a broken left arm, a ruptured spleen, and a collapse of both his lungs. He was taken into a hospital operating room for open heart surgery. It is expected he will need additional surgical procedures.

Friends in the community are attempting to raise funds to assist the injured man, who is very popular and described as a scholar-athlete. A local church held a gathering to pray for him.

A moment’s carelessness or distraction from the road is all it takes to turn an ordinary working day for a highway worker into a painful nightmare of injury and surgery. The burden of paying for the injured man’s medical bills and loss of income while he is off work belongs on the driver who hit him, not on him and his family.

Following a serious accident, an injured person and their family should consult with an experienced personal injury attorney to make sure that careless drivers are made to pay for the havoc they have caused in an innocent person’s life.

Source:, “On the track to recovery” John Vargo, Aug. 01, 2013

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