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Stroke victim recovers nearly $4M in medical malpractice lawsuit


After hearing a medical malpractice victim’s sad story, a jury decided to award the woman $3.9 million in damages. While the figure seems sizable, it won’t restore the victim’s ability to run and play sports with her children, or even legibly write a check for their extracurricular activities.

The awful saga began in 2006, when the woman went to the emergency room (ER) with an extremely high blood pressure and a debilitating headache. The ER physician incorrectly diagnosed her with a migraine. In reality, her brain was bleeding and she was likely to suffer a stroke if no preventative action was immediately taken.

The victim returned home after receiving her misdiagnosis. Exhausted, she went to bed – unaware that her life was about to forever change. When the woman awoke, she couldn’t talk and had lost the ability to move nearly her entire body. She had suffered a devastating stroke and it was amazing that she was still alive.

Six years later, the victim’s ability to speak has returned but she is unable to walk or dress herself without assistance. She attends her children’s sporting events in a wheelchair, and is relearning to write using her left hand, which still has partial movement.

While the jury’s damage award will help pay for the victim’s ongoing rehabilitation and medical expenses, it won’t restore her ability to do the things she used to love, such as rollerblading, snowboarding and skiing. Still, the mother of two is happy that she survived the stroke and will live to see her children grow into adults.

Source:, “Fort Collins woman wins $3.9M malpractice suit against former PVH doctor,” April 20, 2012

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