Student doesn’t let Ohio brain injuries slow him down

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An Ohio State University student who suffered serious head trauma after a motorcycle accident in 2011 says he is learning how to navigate his new life. The man, who was 24 at the time of the crash, suffered Ohio brain injuries after he was thrown from the back of his friend’s motorcycle during a crash. He was not wearing a helmet, and the vehicle was traveling at about 120 mph at the time of the wreck.

Despite a harrowing prognosis, the young man has experienced a remarkable recovery from the significant brain trauma. After spending several days in a coma, he made a stunning recovery. Physicians had told his parents that he would likely be confined to a nursing home for the rest of his life. Little did they know that six months later, he would be living on his own, gainfully employed and enjoying sufficient mobility with the use of a prosthetic leg.

Even though the young man has suffered serious brain damage because of the accident, friends say he has maintained a positive attitude. The victim said that his life has actually improved since the accident, as he stopped smoking and drinking, and he has taken time to focus more on his studies. He still struggles to remember appointments and focus on certain tasks, but the man remains optimistic about the future.

As you can see, brain trauma does not always mean that victims will live out their days confined to a wheelchair or even an assisted-living facility. Those who suffer serious brain injury in a variety of accidents may have the hope of recovery; however, that hope is often tied to the possibility of obtaining the best medical care for the condition.

Victims of tragic accidents may struggle to pay for their bills on their own. However, a personal injury attorney may be able to determine whether a brain trauma victim is eligible for financial compensation from the at-fault party after a tragic accident. These professionals may serve as valuable allies for those who are looking to get their lives back after a traumatic brain injury.

Source: The Lantern, “Ohio State student finds silver lining after near-fatal motorcycle crash” Emily Hitchcock, Apr. 02, 2014


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