Study: Increase Of Nurses Would Greatly Reduce Hospital Infections

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Tight budgets have prompted many Ohio hospitals to either slash their nursing staffs or to cease new hires, even as their need for nurses rises. This causes nurses to suffer unnecessary job-related stress and burnout, which has a devastating impact on patients.

University of Pennsylvania researchers recently studied the understaffed nurse issue and concluded that hospitals should increase their number of nurses, because it would do more than improve the quality of care provided to patients, but would also save hospitals big money.

The study explains that reducing the percentage of burnt-out nurses from 30 to 10 would eliminate more than 4,000 hospital infections each year in the Quaker State. Perhaps of more interest to for-profit hospitals, the study estimates the cost savings to be around $40 million, as insurers are becoming less likely to pay hospitals for the treatment of preventable infections.

While the study focused on nursing in Pennsylvania, Ohio hospitals could expect similar benefits from adding new nurses to overworked staffs.

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Source:, “Penn Study Examines Link Between Nurse Burnout, Care,” Don Sapatkin, July 31, 2012


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