Study Links Premature Birth To Pregnancy Complications Later

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Potential complications are a big source of worry for expectant mothers. A new study concludes that some mothers are born at significantly higher risk than others. Women who were born premature face a much higher rate of pregnancy complications than mothers who were themselves carried to full term. Ohio birth injury lawyers often see serious harms result from complications when doctors fail to respond appropriately.

The study, published this week in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, says that the risk of pregnancy complications increases for women who were born earlier. Although women who were carried to full-term experienced complications in 11.7 percent of cases, that rate rose to 19.9 percent for mothers who were born after less than 32 weeks of gestation 

Women who were born slightly pre-term still had elevated risk levels. For women born between 32 and 36 weeks, the rate of pregnancy complications was 13.2 percent. The researchers called premature birth a “substantial risk factor” for pregnancy complications later in life.

Pregnancy complications can include dangerous conditions like ectopic pregnancies, gestational diabetes, hypertension, and low birth weight.

Current pre-term birth rates in the United States are around 12 percent. As medical care has improved the survival rates of pre-term babies in recent decades, the researchers said this study might suggest an increasing rate of pregnancy complications as those babies begin to start their own families.

Women who believe that a doctor’s inadequate response to a pregnancy complication injured them or their children should contact experienced Ohio birth injury lawyers.

Source: NBC News, “Women born early may face difficult pregnancies,” Sept. 24, 2012


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