Study: Strategic Use Of Antibiotics Reduces C-Section Infections

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Not all hospitals administer antibiotics before performing a c-section, but a recent medical study suggests they should be.

A doctor known as an infectious disease specialist helped track caesarean-section infection rates at his hospital and discovered that mothers fare better when they receive a strategic dose of antibiotics before the procedure, rather an after. More importantly, the antibiotics present no health risk to the infant, according to Dr. David K. Warren.

Warren’s study suggests that prophylactic use of antibiotics before a c-section, versus post-surgery, causes the surgical infection rate to plummet from 9-10 percent down to 2 percent. According to Warren, hospitals are concerned that administering antibiotics before the c-section mask warning signs of a blood infection in newborns, but this is an outdated belief.

Surgical infections can be deadly, especially in major surgeries such as caesarean sections. Post-operative care is extremely important to diagnose and treat surgical site infections before they spread throughout the body.

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Source:, “Antibiotics Before C-Section Cut Infection,” Aug. 3, 2012


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