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Surgical Clips Incorrectly Used On Kidney Patient, Causing Death


Teleflex manufactures surgical clips that are commonly used by surgeons to close up arteries during operations. The Hem-o-lok clips are a safe alternative to staples in many types of surgery – but not all.

The surgical clips are not recommended for laparoscopic kidney donor surgeries, as one woman’s family sorrowfully learned after the patient’s surgical staff failed to heed multiple warnings from the manufacturer.

The patient had emerged from the operating room after a seemingly successful kidney transplant, when she suddenly began dying from internal bleeding. The hospital staff was unable to save her, as she became the fatal victim of the surgeon’s mistake of using the incorrect instruments for the job. It’s especially tragic because kidney donor surgeries are relatively low-risk when protocol is followed.

Sadly, this patient’s death isn’t an isolated incident. Many surgeons incorrectly use Hem-o-lok surgical clips in kidney donor surgery, even though the manufacturer’s instructions advise against it. Further, Teleflex has sent numerous letters to hospitals reminding them that their product is unsafe to use in laparoscopic kidney donor surgery.

If you or a loved one has been seriously harmed or killed in kidney transplant surgery, contact an experienced Ohio hospital negligence attorney to begin an investigation.

Source: CNN News, “Kidney-Donor Deaths Linked To Surgical Clips Raise Issues Of Alerts, Warnings,” John Bonifield, June 21, 2012

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