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The best treatment for a concussion

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If you suffer a concussion, such as in a motor vehicle accident, it’s imperative to seek the appropriate treatment. This will ensure that you are able to leave your injury in the past as soon as possible.

Since no two people are the same, the way your concussion is treated may not be the same as the next person. However, there are some general tips for everyone in this position:

— Get plenty of rest during the day, as well as sleep at night.

— Avoid any type of audio or visual stimulation, such as loud music and video games.

— Eat healthy meals.

— Don’t jump into normal activities until you are up to it.

— Make sure you let others in your life, such as teachers and employers, know about your concussion and the proposed treatment.

— Avoid all activities that could cause another concussion.

— Don’t drive or operate machinery until you receive the permission of your medical team.

— Visit your doctor before you resume normal activity.

These are just a few of the many things you can do to treat a concussion. While there are other techniques to consider, all of these will put you on the right track.

A concussion may not be as serious as some other head injuries, but it can definitely cause a variety of short term issues. And if not treated correctly, these issues could carry over into the future. It is a must that you receive the right care and treatment, both immediately following your concussion and for the weeks and months after.

Source: Cleveland Clinic, “Concussions,” accessed June 24, 2016

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