Toxic chemicals sprayed on woman sitting in car

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A woman in Columbus, Ohio, says that she was recently sprayed with toxic chemicals by a fire department ambulance while sitting in her convertible car. She was completely soaked and required hospitalization with life threatening injuries days later. She and her husband filed a personal injury lawsuit against the city’s fire department. The incident occurred about a month ago while her car was waiting in the right hand lane at a stop sign. Clearly, this was one of the most unusual Ohio car accidents the city of Columbus had seen in quite some time.

The fire ambulance was stopped in the left lane next to her and was not responding to an emergency call at the time. It was a warm summer evening, and the ambulance did not have its emergency lights or siren activated at the time.

The woman says the liquid toxic chemicals sprayed on her neck and face, and got into her mouth. At the time, her frantic efforts to escape the spray proved fruitless. Some of it got into her eyes and nose, as well as onto her chest and arms. It immediately started causing burns and lesions on her body.

While the woman is still uncertain what the chemical was exactly, she says that it plainly was negligent to spray it on her. Her husband is seeking damages for loss of consortium. Personal injury attorneys are accustomed to filing lawsuits for personal injuries and deaths arising out of more common vehicle collisions, but are also skilled at fashioning lawsuit complaints to assert claims for injuries caused by negligence of a more unusual nature. When an innocent motorist has done nothing wrong, those responsible should bear the burden of medicals bills and lost earnings, as well as having to compensate the injured person for pain and suffering and other damages.

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