Truck crash kills girl, hospitalizes five

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An 18-year-old girl was recently killed in a truck crash occurring near the Ohio – West Virginia border. The accident also caused injuries resulting in the hospitalization of five other persons, including two victims listed in critical condition. Five other persons riding in the cab of the truck suffered less serious injuries.

Like several Ohio truck accidents, six people were riding in the bed of the truck, and all were flung out of the vehicle in the crash. The accident happened when the truck wavered off the road, ran into a guardrail nearby, rolled over several times, and finally came to rest after hitting a tree.

Investigating state troopers reported finding a small quantity of marijuana in the truck, but have not determined who was in possession of it, or whether the driver was drug impaired. So far, no charges have been lodged against anyone in connection with the accident.

One of the surviving passengers in the truck stated that he thought the accident showed that people should not ride in the bed of the truck, but only in the cab. He also stated his belief that the driver had fallen asleep before the truck went off the road, causing the accident. Fatigue is a common cause of vehicle accidents, as are alcohol and drug use, speeding, and distracted driving by motorists engaged in text messaging or cell phone use.

Whether a crash occurs between two vehicles or is a single vehicle accident, injured persons and the surviving families of those killed can pursue personal injury or wrongful death accidents against responsible drivers. Anyone involved in a similar accident should consider consulting with an experienced personal accident attorney at the earliest possible time.

Source:, “Survivor of Clay Crash Says Law Shouldn’t Allow Passengers In Truck Beds” Leslie Rubin, Aug. 08, 2013


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