Truckers must inspect their vehicles before operation

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There are many causes of trucking accidents. We have discussed how improperly secured loads and driver fatigue might lead to accidents. Another issue that can lead to accidents is faulty components on the truck. This is why it is crucial for truckers to inspect their vehicles before operation.

When it comes to the vehicle inspection, there must be a formal inspection done on the vehicle at least every 12 months. There must be an inspection report prepared when that inspection occurs. This formal inspection can be a self-inspection or an inspection done by a government entity that meets certain requirements.

When the inspection is completed, any issues that were found must be promptly addressed. If the truck is placed on the road and the issues aren’t addressed, the trucking company might be held accountable if an accident occurs.

It is also good practice for the trucker to inspect basic parts of the truck prior to each trip. This can clue the trucker into any issues that might be present with the brakes or other systems. As you can imagine, it would be devastating if the truck’s brakes failed to work. The same is true if there is an issue with the connections that hold the trailer to the truck.

For anyone who has been injured in a trucking accident, determining the cause of the accident is crucial as this is the basis of the claim for compensation. If the accident wasn’t caused by trucker fatigue or an unsecured load, looking into the inspection and maintenance records might be the next step.

Source: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, “Part 396 Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance,” accessed March 23, 2016


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