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Two accidents, one fatal, at same intersection


Two Ohio car accidents took place recently near the same intersection in Columbus. In the first accident in December, the car plunge into a nearby pond, and the driver died from drowning. In the second accident, a similar submersion of the vehicle in the pond occurred, but luckily, the driver and a passenger managed to escape.

The problem area is on the northwest side of the city along Bent Tree Boulevard near Snouffer Road. The city has erected a guardrail on Bent Tree Boulevard in an attempt to prevent future accidents. One area resident heard the fatal crash from inside her home last December. She believes the railing is a good step by the city, but also thinks another problem with the intersection is the speed limit. She thinks it should be lowered.

The city might consider that, according to a spokesman, but only after conducting a speed study to determine what speed most vehicles traveling along the route are actually going, using a speed trailer at the location. The city would also first attempt speed enforcement in the area.

When people are injured in a car accident, sometimes a driver is responsible, based on reckless driving, speeding, alcohol or drug intoxication, fatigue or distraction from the use of cell phones or texting devices. In other instances, poorly thought out or defective road conditions may contribute to an accident.

Personal injury lawsuits sometimes are appropriate against a motorist. In other instances, when a governmental agency has had notice of a dangerous condition on its roads, yet failed to take necessary corrective action, it may be possible to sue the agency for negligence. An experienced personal injury attorney can advise you and your family of your legal options if you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or governmental agency.

Source:, “Neighbor says deadly intersection still needs improvements” Rick Reitzel, Aug. 02, 2013

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