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Unique issues in Beanie Wells’ malpractice lawsuit


Former Ohio State running back Beanie Wells recently filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against three doctors after an alleged botched surgery on his Achilles tendon. Wells believes that his surgeon deliberately concealed the fact that his botched operation was unsuccessful.

While the allegations play out in the Ohio legal system, it is worth noting that Beanie Wells case involves unique legal issues.

When healthy, Wells was a successful NFL running back. Currently without a team, the alleged surgical mistake on his Achilles tendon could cost him millions that he could have otherwise earned playing pro football.

If a person with a desk job suffered the same plight, it would have far less severe of an impact on his or her performance at work. For that reason, he or she would likely be eligible for a much smaller damages award, even if we assumed that he or she had the same lofty salary as Wells.

Another interesting aspect of Wells’ lawsuit concerns the unsuccessful nature of his operation. Not every surgery is successful, even when performed by a skilled surgeon. Wells alleges that there was a surgical mistake, but he will need to prove that the surgeon was negligent during surgery – not simply that the outcome was unsatisfactory.

The case will be an interesting one to follow. We wish Beanie Wells a full recovery and successful return to the NFL.

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