University Of Iowa Settles Birth Injury Lawsuit For $3.75M

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In 2007, a 20-year-old mother arrived at the University Of Iowa Hospital ready to give birth to a baby boy. The mother was nearing the end of a healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, a series of hospital mistakes would cause her son to suffer severe brain damage resulting in mental retardation and cerebral palsy.

When the mother arrived at the hospital she was given Pitocin, a synthetic hormonal drug intended to quicken or induce labor. The woman endured 28 painful hours of labor in which she received more Pitocin. Eventually doctors ordered a c-section, but the infant had already suffered permanent brain damage.

The University of Iowa recently settled the birth injury lawsuit filed on behalf of the boy. It will pay out $3.75 million but has not admitted any negligence or responsibility for the boy’s severe medical problems. Unfortunately, the settlement amount is relatively small when considering the expensive care the victim will need for his entire life.

This brain damage lawsuit has called the safety of Pitocin into question. The drug has become extremely popular, but many question whether it can cause some women to experience contractions too hard and too frequent, potentially harming the baby, as alleged in the Iowa lawsuit.

If your child suffered brain damage that you believe occurred during labor, contact an experienced Ohio birth injury attorney to explore your legal rights.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, “APnewsBreak: Iowa To Pay $3.75M In Boy’s Injuries,” Ryan J. Foley, July 1, 2012


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