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University of Iowa settles medical malpractice case for $60K


A medical malpractice lawsuit filed in 2009 has been settled after a doctors’ group from the University of Iowa paid $60,000 to a woman who was injured after a UI doctor failed to properly care for a rare blood vessel condition. News of the settlement closely follows newly-released reports regarding the controversial resignation of the plaintifff’s surgeon.

The lawsuit at the center of the case was filed by a patient who visited the doctor for treatment of her arteriovenous malformation, a condition in which an individual’s blood vessels become tangled. The doctor, reportedly an expert on the disorder, performed an embolization on the patient in 2007 and sent her home.

The plaintifff asserts that the doctor informed that more surgeries would be necessary but never contacted her again about scheduling those operations. She returned to the hospital with her ear bleeding, discolored and partially detached and other severe symptoms but was told no one could help her. She was ultimately forced to seek treatment at another hospital hundreds of miles away. She then filed a malpractice lawsuit two years after seeking help from the doctor, accusing him of negligence in failing to properly follow up on her condition.

The doctors’ group agreed to the settlement in April, avoiding a court trial that would have occurred shortly before they paid the plaintifff. That agreement followed the release of a two-year-old resignation agreement detailing the doctor’s departure from the hospital. The agreement showed that the doctor was stripped of his duties in 2010 but still earned his $380,000 salary for another year.

Hundreds of Ohio residents suffer serious injuries or even death due to surgical errors and general medical negligence each year. It is important that such individuals have an outlet to pursue justice for their injuries and receive compensation for their pain and suffering.

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