Upcoming wet weather requires you to drive safely

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Slowly but surely, winter is on its way out and spring is moving in. This means that Ohio drivers need to remember how to safely drive in the rain. When it rains, the pavement can become too wet for some vehicles. In fact, around 1.2 million traffic accidents each year are caused at least in part to wet pavement.

It is crucial that all drivers remember that the stopping distance if the pavement is wet is much greater than it is when the pavement is dry. This means that all drivers need to leave ample room between their vehicles and other vehicles on the road. This often means that you will need to drive slower than the posted speed limit.

Another reason for you to slow down in the rain is the possibility of skidding or hydroplaning. If your vehicle starts to skid, don’t try to overcorrect the direction of the vehicle and don’t slam on the brakes. If you try to overcorrect or brake, there is a chance that you won’t be able to regain control of the vehicle.

You should also avoid using cruise control when it rains. Cruise control can make it impossible to ensure that your vehicle’s tires have proper traction on the roadway. This can lead to a serious accident.

Of course, your safety when driving in wet weather doesn’t depend totally on you. Other drivers on the roads must also drive in a safe manner. If other drivers don’t drive safely and you are injured in an accident, you might decide that you want to seek compensation for the injuries that you suffered.

Source: AAA, “Wet Weather Driving Tips,” accessed Feb. 29, 2016


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