West Virginia couple sues radiologists for malpractice

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Those in Franklin, Ohio, will be interested to hear about this doctor’s mistake that led to the suffering of his paying patient. According to reports, the female patient filed a complaint on June 28 in the Kanawha Circuit Court that stated the doctor and his colleagues had incorrectly interpreted a CT scan and had ordered unnecessary surgery as a result.

According to the complaint, the radiologists had not ordered additional tests or procedures before taking the woman into surgery, and these tests may have proven that the surgery was not necessary after all. The CT scan had allegedly shown a dissection involving the proximal ascending thoracic aorta, which could lead to death if not treated promptly.

The woman and her husband claim that the unnecessary surgery resulted in physical pain, humiliation, and embarrassment. She also claims mental anguish, additionally incurred expenses, and an impairment of her ability to enjoy life. Her husband claims that the negligence of the doctors has resulted in the loss of partnership with his wife.

The couple is seeking compensatory damages from the surgeons. If the surgeons are found guilty, they may face pre- and post-judgment costs as well as those assigned by the courts. Due to the nature of the case, no potential judgments have been discussed.

Although this case isn’t yet decided, it’s important for anyone who feels that medical treatments were performed with negligence to seek legal advice. There may be options for compensation that could help cover the costs associated with malpractice.

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