What are the top reasons spinal cord injuries occur?

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Spinal cord injuries are often catastrophic and can happen in many different ways. However, as with most injuries, some of the reasons people incur spinal cord injuries are more common than others. Before learning about what circumstances can lead to such injuries, you should understand the medical causes of a spinal cord injury.

There are two main kinds of spinal cord injuries, complete and incomplete. A complete injury means the patient will lose all sensation as well as the ability to move below where the injury occurred. As you may have guessed, an incomplete injury will leave some degree of movement and sensation below where the injury occurred. The medical causes of these injuries include bruising, partial tears and complete tears to the spinal cord.

As far as the reasons spinal cord injuries occur, there are many. Most commonly, the neck or spine has become compressed or bent in a traumatic way. Some of the top reasons spinal cord injuries occur include:

— Motor vehicle accidents

— Birth injuries

— Sporting activities

— Serious falls

— Diving

— Trampoline accidents

Spinal cord injuries can also occur as a result of violence. They usually happen in these situations if the cord becomes pierced. For example, a gunshot wound or a stab wound could penetrate the cord and cause injury.

In many cases, a spinal cord injury can lead to permanent disability as well as the need for expensive medical care on a long-term or lifetime basis. Anytime that negligence has played a role in such injuries, victims in the Columbus region of Ohio can use the law to fight for compensation. Please speak with a personal injury attorney to learn more about your options.

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