What Do The 2011 Medical Malpractice Statistics Tell Us?

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Medical malpractice reform is always a hot topic, especially in an election year like 2012. Irrespective of your political preference, it’s important for you to get the facts when it comes tort reform so you can take an informed stance on the issue.

Here are some of the medical malpractice statistics recently released by Public Citizen, a nonprofit group:

  • 2011 had the lowest total value of paid malpractice damages ever on record, when factoring in inflation
  • 2011 was the eighth consecutive year of declining medical malpractice claim payouts
  • 2011 had the lowest number of paid medical malpractice claims in 20 years
  • Last year, 80 percent of all medical malpractice payouts were for a patient’s wrongful death or condition necessitating life-long care

These numbers paint a clear picture on the state of medical malpractice reform in the U.S., regardless of whether you lean left or right, politically. Tort reform has not only dramatically reduced the ability of injured patients to recover compensation for their injuries, but has decimated the amount of the payout for prevailing victims.

We still hear politicians argue that medical malpractice is the reason for the high cost of healthcare in America. Malpractice payouts are a convenient scapegoat that the public can easily understand condemn, but – after seeing the malpractice statistics – are you convinced that it’s a major factor in the exorbitant cost of medical care? Why does the cost of care rise every year while the malpractice payouts consistently decrease?

It’s hard to understand the true effect of Ohio medical malpractice reform until you or a loved one has been harmed or killed by medical negligence. If you’re in that difficult situation, contact an experienced Ohio physician malpractice attorney to explore your legal options for securing financial compensation.

Source: The Legal Examiner, “2011 Medical Malpractice Statistics – What Do They Reveal?” Michael Monheit, July 16, 2012


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