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What does trucker distracted driving look like?


As the operator of a passenger vehicle, you are well aware of the fact that distracted driving can lead to an accident. Furthermore, an accident can cause serious injury or even death.

Truckers are subjected to many laws associated with distracted driving. While most realize the importance of paying attention at all times, there are those who break the law time and time again.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has made it clear that distracted driving is illegal. In particular, the agency has said that the use of mobile devices by truckers is prohibited. This means many things, including:

— No texting

— No reading

— No dialing

— No holding

— No reaching

In other words, if it has anything to do with a mobile device, truckers are not permitted to engage while they are operating their vehicle.

If a trucker needs to use a mobile device for any reason, they are only permitted to do so if using hands-free technology. This includes both for texting/dialing as well as speaking.

In a perfect world, trucker distracted driving would never be a problem. Instead, all truck drivers would concentrate on the road and nothing else. Unfortunately, there are times when truckers make mistakes, such as texting and driving. When this happens, an accident is not guaranteed; however, there’s a greater chance of trouble.

If you’re involved in an accident with a truck, don’t immediately worry about the cause. Instead, focus first on your health. After that, you can examine the details of the accident to determine the cause and the steps you can take.

Source: Trucking Truth, “Distracted Driving For Truck Drivers: The Penalties And Risks,” accessed Oct. 31, 2016

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