Wheelchair-Bound Girl Awarded $17.5 Million For Birth Injuries

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An 11-year-old girl has finally secured compensation for the birth injuries she suffered in March, 2001. The award signified the end of a long legal battle where the hospital admitted to negligence but contested the value of the victim’s claim.

The girl’s birth injuries resulted from pregnancy complications; if doctors had properly monitored the fetus, they would have discovered the girl’s dangerous condition and induced an early labor. Instead, the child developed acute fetal distress and suffered a devastating seizure.

This horrific act of medical malpractice occurred in England, but such instances of professional negligence regularly occur in Ohio. Although the child secured a sizable £10.8m award – more than $17.5 million in U.S. dollars – her condition necessitates around-the-clock health care. Her 45-year-old father was forced to retire from his job as squadron leader in the Royal Air Force so he could attend to the medical needs of his daughter.

If your child suffered serious harm from birthing injuries, contact an experienced Ohio birth injury lawyer to discuss your legal options for securing money damages.

Source: BBC News, “Birth injury girl Milly Evans, 11, awarded £10.8m in compensation,” April 30, 2012


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