Whiplash can occur after car wrecks, especially rear-end crashes

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In one of our blog posts last week, we discussed how vital it is to choose the right car seat for a child. Equally as important is to ensure that all adults in the vehicle are wearing a seat belt while they are in the car. While a seat belt won’t prevent all injuries, such as whiplash, it can help to prevent death. A person who has been in a car accident and has neck pain might be interested in learning a bit about whiplash.

Whiplash is a medical condition that often occurs during a car accident because of the rapid change in direction the neck is subjected to. This condition is most common in rear-end collisions. The issue with whiplash is that it actually encompasses a variety of health issues, including a herniated disc and joint dysfunction. Those issues can lead to a variety of symptoms, such as chronic pain, cognitive dysfunction and faulty movement patterns.

When whiplash occurs, pain in the neck usually causes the person to be cautious when moving his or her neck. Oftentimes, there is a restricted range of motion because of the pain or because of the damage to the neck area. If, for example, a disc is herniated, the person might suffer from nerve compression, which can lead to shooting pains in the arm, tingling, numbness and muscle weakness.

Getting medical care for whiplash is vital so that you can learn the extent of the injury and so you can get started on a treatment program. Once you have started medical care, you should explore your options to seek compensation for the injury.

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