Why is trucker fatigue a big deal?

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Fatigue can have a negative impact on a person’s mind and body. In some cases, such as when driving a vehicle, this can lead to a serious situation.

When truckers drive fatigued, there is a greater chance of them causing an accident. And not only can this harm them, but it puts every other driver on the road at risk.

There are many causes of fatigue, some of which are more obvious than others. For example, a lack of sleep is sure to lead to serious fatigue. However, there are other reasons for this, such as: stress, disrupted sleep, extreme physical or mental activity, and cognitive thinking.

Here is the good thing: Fatigue can be prevented with the right strategy. The number one way to avoid this is to get the necessary amount of rest. This differs for every trucker, but it’s important to only get behind the wheel when you are rested and able to make sound decisions.

Conversely, here is the bad thing: Truckers don’t often get off the road when they are fatigued. Instead, they continue to drive, knowing that they need to meet a deadline or drive more miles in order to earn more money.

Even with a variety of laws in place, there is no way to guarantee that all truckers are getting enough rest. This is why trucker fatigue remains a major problem throughout the United States.

As a passenger vehicle operator, be sure to pay attention to every truck on the road. If you notice a trucker making questionable decisions, keep your distance as to avoid an accident.

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