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Widow names person she thinks is responsible for husband’s death


Franklin readers may be interested in this fatal accident that resulted in the death of one man. According to news from Oct. 1, the man’s widow claims that the defendant was the last person to see her husband alive, and thus believes that he was responsible for her husband’s death. There may also be others involved, but the case is still open at this time.

According to the lawsuit, the woman believes that the defendant shot her 71-year-old husband, but she was not clear whether she thought it was intentional or simply negligence. According to reports, she claims that the defendant, and potentially additional defendants that have not been named, acted maliciously, were responsible for the transportation of her husband’s body to an undisclosed location, and disposed the weapon responsible for her husband’s death.

The woman’s claim seeks a payout of at least $250,000 for pain and suffering, and she is also seeking damages for burial and funeral costs. Although this injury claim was not claimed until nearly two years after the incident, which happened on Sept. 29, 2011, Ohio law allows wrongful death claims to be filed within two years of the incident. The sheriff on the case stated that the case is still open at this time.

The death of a loved one is difficult to deal with, and when you can’t be sure what happened, you may want to seek justice and answers. Wrongful death claims can result in compensation payouts in some cases, so you will not have to worry about paying for funeral costs or financial burdens. If you’re dealing with a wrongful death claim or are thinking about filing, it’s wise to look into all your legal options before choosing a settlement or dropping a claim.

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