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Woman Files Suit After Operation On Wrong Side Of Brain


A Missouri woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital and neurosurgeon after an operation was performed on the wrong side of her brain, according to the complaint.

Regina Turner, 53, claims that she was admitted for a “left-sided craniotomy bypass” but received the operation on the right side of her brain. The lawsuit says that Turner suffered profound harm and is now unable to speak intelligibly.

Wrong-site surgeries are relatively rare, but they often make the headlines when they do occur. A wrong-side brain surgery is an especially big deal; if the allegations are proven in court, the victim and her family should be able to recover extensive money damages.

Missouri, like Ohio, has laws capping damages award, so it’s likely that state law will substantially decrease the amount that a jury believes to be sufficient compensation.

If you or a loved one has suffered serious injury from an operating room mistake, contact an experienced Ohio surgical errors lawyer to explore your legal options.

Source: St. Louis Business Journal, “SSM Named In Brain Surgery Malpractice Suit,” April 30, 2013

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