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Woman found days after she went missing inside hospital


Ohio residents are more than likely to be shocked by this news about an alleged wrongful death at San Francisco General Hospital. Not only is this news frightening, but it shows just how easy it can be for patients to be overlooked in a hospital’s busy environment.

Reports from Oct. 27 state that the San Francisco General Hospital allegedly made four requests for the local sheriff’s department to search for a missing patient. According to their report, the 57-year-old woman went missing after she was admitted to the hospital. The woman was admitted on Sept. 19 for the treatment of a bladder infection, and reports show that she went missing just two days later. What’s the most peculiar part of this news report is that she wasn’t found until Oct. 8 … but she was inside the hospital, locked in a stairwell.

The deputies at the sheriff’s department wouldn’t comment on whether the security officers at the hospital had actually looked for the woman, but investigators do believe that she was dead for a number of days before she was found. The cause of death is not known, but the woman’s family allegedly believed that it could have been disorientation that led to the woman getting lost in the hospital and wandering off. However, the doctor on the case said that none of her medications should have caused those side effects. It’s reported that the medical staff put out search requests for the woman on the day she went missing, on Sept. 30, then on Oct. 4. According to the news, on Oct. 4, a staff member allegedly heard banging and opened a stairwell. The staff member was greeted by a man who was allegedly wearing a name tag, and he reportedly said that he had seen a person between the third and fourth floors. It wasn’t confirmed that the person found was the woman, and the hospital claims that sometimes homeless individuals find their way inside.

If you have loved ones in the hospital, this news is probably a little frightening. The wrongful death of this woman could have been prevented, and it just shows why you should be vigilant whenever you’re in any new or unusual situation, even when care is allegedly being provided.

Source:  NBC, “Lawyer: No “Thorough” Search for Patient Found Dead in Stairwell” No Author Given, Oct. 27, 2013

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