Woman Shares Trouble-Ridden Birth Story On The Internet

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One usually only hears about a birthing injury if it involves someone close to you or if the victim’s family files a birth injury lawsuit. Yet, now parents can instantly share their birth stories with the world through the Internet and allow others to better prepare for potential difficulties in their upcoming birth. Days ago, one woman shared her story and it contains plenty of instances where medical negligence may have occurred.

The obstetrician diagnosed the woman’s baby boy with a brachial plexus injury and the delivery was performed soon after. Even though significant pregnancy complications were present, a midwife allowed a student to deliver the infant. Aside from the brachial plexus injury, the boy was healthy – or so the parents were told.

The mother and father noticed that their child expressed pain when his arm was moved. The pediatricians dismissed the parents’ concerns, explaining that a nerve injury couldn’t be painful to the newborn. The parents ignored prescribed physical therapy exercises of the arm, firmly believing that there was something medically wrong. The parents remained insistent about the problem until the doctors relinquished and ordered the baby’s arm to be x-rayed.

The x-ray revealed a fracture above the elbow, an injury that may affect the child’s growth plate. The parents aren’t sure when this injury occurred: During the birth delivery or the postpartum care of their child.

They asked the pediatric orthopedic surgeon to speak with the birth team about the injury and he agreed. If that’s the extent of action that the parents take, then the hospital should consider itself lucky. While we don’t know further details of this birth injury story, it seems like there may be many instances of malpractice in the delivery and care of the baby.

If you believe medical negligence may have caused or contributed to your child’s birth injuries, contact a skilled Ohio birth trauma lawyer to discuss your legal options.

Source: mothering.com, “Brachial Plexus Injury And A Broken Arm,” May 17, 2012


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